Alfred Workflows

A few years ago I heard of this small app called Alfred. I started playing with it while it was still in its first Beta. After a few days of using it I know it was an app that would make a huge change in my workflow. I also knew I wanted to support the developers as much as I could so I bought the app as a “Mega Supporter”. Now I never thought that I would get anything extra for this, but it turns out that the developers wanted to thank their supporters by giving them early access to Alfred 2.

Now I only played with it for a few hours, but already I’m seeing features that will change the way I work again. A new feature in Alfred 2 is called workflows, and a developer at Alfred 2 (Vero Pepperrell) has created a workflow to open a folder with TextMate. I thought this was awesome but I’ve moved to Sublime Text editor a while ago and this just wouldn’t work for me. So I figured I would try to create my own workflow to accomplish that feature and boy was it ever easy!

Read more about the workflow feature and Alfred 2 on their blog.

I wanted to share it with everyone, feel free to grab it below:
Download Open Folder with Sublime Text 2
Just a reminder, you will need to have Alfred 2 to use this.

To use, all you have to do is type

subl [folder name]

followed by enter!


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